About Us

Who We Are

Electromage are Paul Price and James Randell with contributions from a variety of Musicians, Artists, Film Makers, Photographers, Designers and other interesting people who we work with from time to time. The name Electromage comes from an interest in all things electronic and beyond, plus various ley lines and ancient sites studied along the way.

Paul has a background in IT, music, song writing design, filming, music technology, VJ (ing) and of course very large bubbles and dancing with the wind. James has a background in IT, photography, arial photography, design, programing and electronics.


Our first project is entitled 'Liquid Sunshine' creating both film and photographs of rather large bubbles in Interesting and historic sites. Starting with the Cass Foundation Sculpture Park in West Sussex. We shall be creating a series of films that will become part of an interactive installation showing the interplay between bubbles, sound and environment.