Liquid Sunshine

For years a friend and I have been working with a song, Reflecting Light. As the band began to coalesce I started to experiment with Projection. The search for reflection and light lead me to discover the joy, wonder and fun of blowing seriously large bubbles.

Bubbles react to their environment, be that for a few seconds to several minutes. They can float on the sea, become domes on fresh water. Always changing, reflecting the sky, the forest, the water. Reflections within reflection as the photographs in our Galleries so clearly show.

Liquid Sunshine is an evolving project using Film, Photography and Music to capture the beauty and mystery large bubbles in interesting and historic environments. For this part of the project I give my special thanks to Wilfred Cass and the Cass Foundation for allowing us to film in their amazing Sculpture Park.


Bubbles and rock festivals are made for each other, same goes for Art festivals, special events, weddings, product launches. The bubbles colour and movement quickly create a positive atmosphere. Why not get in touch and see if we can help add that special something to your event or party.